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The CPAs and accountants at Profiter CPA Group provide veterinary accounting, tax reduction planning, and consulting to practices in Chicago. What sets us apart from other CPAs is our extensive experience working in this particular segment of the healthcare industry. We stay on top of industry trends and issues so we know exactly how to manage tax obligations and conquer financial challenges for veterinarians.

We handle all the accounting and bookkeeping for busy veterinarians like you and provide the accurate reporting you need in order to watch where your money is going. The essential financial data we provide will allow you to easily track expenses, control costs, and manage cash flow better. We'll set up online bill-paying to save you time and will save you money by creating a comprehensive tax planning strategy to claim all the deductions you deserve at tax time. Our goal is to provide the support and attention your veterinary practice needs to improve accounting efficiencies and increase profits so you’re free to concentrate on your life’s work – helping animals.

Contact Profiter CPA Group now to get your accounting and tax services from a Chicago, IL CPA that knows the veterinary industry. Call (773) 728-1500 to learn more or request a consultation online and we’ll contact you shortly.

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Asif Vadaria is a recognized and highly sought after CPA based in Chicago and Oak Brook, Illinois since 1991 on a mission to help small business owners, professionals and medical practitioners stop struggling and achieve greater success. He is the founder and President of Profiter CPA Group.

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